Monday, March 20, 2017

Gacha here, gacha there, gacha everywhere!!!

You may have heard of the term "gacha" but really don't know what it is? Or maybe you are afraid to click on one of the gacha machines because it is kind of a gamble to get an item you don't want?

I was there at one point and had no idea what all of this stuff meant. One time by accident I landed at the Arcade and had no clue what this was. The Arcade is a place where many vendors display their new gacha items in machines. It is not always open, so you have to check the event calendar on their website.

What is a gacha? 
A gacha can be really anything like clothes, decor or who knows what, but the best to explain this is do you remember those machines in the stores with the balls inside? You put in a quarter and you get a ball that has a little something? Yes? That is a gacha. You did not know which one you were gonna get, but you tried with one quarter.

Now there is an easier way to get the exact item you want. Here is how:
1. look for the name of the gacha, the creator
2. look on marketplace for the item
3. compare the prices
4. get it

The great thing about gachas is that you can resell them. There are tons of places where you can buy them and resell them including the marketplace. The rare items and collector items are big money makers.

I buy clothes in gacha machines. Like the outfit above. The shoes I got for 45L, can you believe this. I look for the color and prices after I seen the item at an event...and about 95% I get the items for a more cheaper price than the original gacha price. I do this more often with an item that I really really want. It is kinda like shopping around from place to place until you find it.

Some items I resell in my Gacha Store at the Retreat. ( Just walk through the gate past the pink car and you will see the store)

My favorite gacha items are the decor and furniture, it is like going to Home Goods and picking stuff out. So, go out there and search for gachas at one of the events or at gacha sales.

I do have to warn you, once you go gacha shopping you may get addicted to this. But remember just sell the items and get your money back.

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