Sunday, March 26, 2017

Second Life Science Fiction 2017 10th Anniversary!

If you like anything SciFi, you really want to go here and visit the convention. You never know who you might meet, like this lovely alien of my dreams.

The Sci-Fi Alliance
Its For Fun, Its For Life.
Second Life members and passionate fans of science fiction, with hundreds of participating groups, in a unique online explosion of imagination… all united to kick cancer’s ass.

You can read all about this on their website and it will have all the teleports so you can visit today and also donate to the Relay of Life to fight cancer.

Watch out for this cow, she may be not up to any good.
I knew I should have worn a hat this event.
Don't delay to check it all out because this fun ends April 2nd, 2017 and then you have to wait another whole year. Come on, I know you want to see it and who knows you might meet that alien of your dreams.

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