Thursday, March 30, 2017

Why some men don't dance?

Sometimes no matter what you try, there are those men who just don't dance. I suppose there are many reasons why men don 't dance. 
For example, we have "Grum" who only on rare occasions dances. It is kind of like the small percentage you get from a gacha machine. You will keep adding and you will get the common prize.

I don't think dancing is a man's thing to do. Let's face it those men on Dancing with the Stars are celebrities and it is television.Of course, they dance for a big sum of money.

Men are ever so conscious of who is watching if they are going to do the juicy wiggle around others, especially if men are looking. Ha, you thought us women do that? Nope men are guilty of that, they look and compare and if they look anything silly or not manly, they will not do it. I think they have a point here.

But then again, men look very silly and strange when they yell at the television just because the other team scored. I know they, the men, will argue over this and say that football or any sports interactions are a normal motion for a guy and dancing is not. Think back when men dancing were in style. That was way back, right? Yes, that was when they wore a suit and danced that swing with real ladies (they were dressed and not half naked). I kinda like those days and wished I would have been from that era, but then again that would make me extremely old right now.

Well, either way, stop by on a Thursday Night at the CLUB between 8-10 PM SLT and I will dance with you. Now you know you will dance :)

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