Tuesday, March 28, 2017


For all of you who have spent numerous hours and days that turned into years in Second Life (SL) the installation of "The Story" by Sniper Siemens is a must see. Even if you are new to Second Life you will appreciate this. 

SL has come a very long way from the early primitive times that started in 1999 with Philip Rosedale creating the company Linden Lab.

Map of Second Life in 2002
Sniper has done a marvelous job with this installation that runs until June 2017.
Sniper Simon
I enjoyed the little train ride that begins in 1999 and takes you through the years of the evolution of Second Life. You can also walk the path and take your time looking at everything. It is worth it for sure. Let's face it SL was nothing way back in time as we know it now.

Avatars were primitars in those days and they could not do much other than fly and shoot things. I believe in the young days of SL people operating the primitars loved the shooting of things.

(I am glad we don't need to do this now anymore, although for those who love shooting there are many role playing groups in SL for that).

I am still smiling over the cute little train, thank you, Sniper :)

My first journey into Second Life started in 2011 although I had heard about it and looked at it at one point some years prior, but I never logged on until that September of 2011. 

The history of " The Story" is an important one to tell. So many hours and money that has been invested into this virtual world is an amazing thing. It is always changing and yet some things remain. Looking back to where it all started makes you absolutely appreciate where you are now. "The Story" is your story as well. It has something we all can relate with. We changed with it along the way. 

Some of us are afraid of change, but some change is good and necessary for growth. 

Some may be afraid of the new platform called Sansar. Don't be afraid. It will be just another virtual world to explore. I doubt that Second Life is going away, but I know it will change for us, with us. Because we are Second Life.

Be sure to watch Sniper's Video about " The Story", it is a great piece of art as is his installation of the history of Second Life.
I do hope the installation will not end and go on and on as things change. It really should.

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