Monday, June 19, 2017

A little piece of Happiness....

Happiness is something everyone wants to have. You may be successful and have a lot of money, but without happiness, it will be meaningless.
Happiness is a decision you make. It is absolutely free and available to everybody.

All this month of June we basically celebrate our 1 year anniversary being together. We have known each other more than that. We have been to each other's weddings and were happy for each other. We have been there when the heart ached of disappointment. We have been friends and explored places all over Second Life. We have grown to be more in many ways.

Of course, I give him a hard time every day and what is amazing about him is that he is always calm. He can be silly, very funny and oh yes talk talk talk but when it is serious he is there to listen and comfort me.

A little piece of Happiness is being with is. Happy Anniversary Month...may we have much more together.

My advice as it is in real life, treasure those few true friends...

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