Wednesday, June 28, 2017


So, yesterday I saw this beautiful ad for yellow waterlilies by Tiffany's Collection. I loved them right away and I figured they would look great at the Retreat.

The website said 25L$ if you buy them at the store, so I went. In order to get that special price, you have to join their group, which is free. I did and nothing happened, it denied me the water lilies. I really wanted them.

I wrote a message to Tiff herself who is the owner of the store and told her about this issue. I was very happy when Tiff got back to me and invited me to come back to the store so she could help me solve the issue.

This was such fine customer service from her I would most definitely go back to the store. There are lovely things here and with the special offers to her group members, you cannot go wrong.

Look at how gorgeous my beautiful waterlilies look in my pond. I love them. Thank you, Tiff for the great product and your kind customer service. Huggs!!!

Read more about Tiffany's Collection in this article by Love to Decorate.

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