Saturday, June 17, 2017

Writer's Block?

So, sometimes I get just stuck when it comes to writing or creating. I looked that up and somehow came upon "writer's block" You have to understand for me to comprehend this in English I always have to visualize the word. Well thinking of a big block I am sitting on did not explain nor help me.

Some kind of intervention cannot hurt I suppose, but I may have to look for more answers. 

Okay. Okay. I know caffeine isn’t good for you. But sometimes you need something to keep going. Don’t waste your fantastic ideas just because you can’t keep awake.
Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee. Green tea sounds great about now.
Being around my cat always helps me relax and think of new ideas. Maybe my blog should be about cats? What do you think? Okay, maybe not then.
There are many ideas you can find online if you ever get stuck writing or being creative, but do allow yourself to be still for a moment as well.
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