Monday, June 26, 2017

'Man'icure and 'Man'scaped

Well, it is certainly not illegal for men to paint their toenails and why should it be?

An emerging breed of man, the metrosexual, shows his soft, sensitive, feminine side. If you have never heard the word " metrosexual" then get ready for it. It is not a new term, it has been around, but it describes those men who do take care of their feet and hands and go to the beauty salon rather than the barber. 

They love shopping and trendy things. and no that does not mean they are gay, not at all. They are very heterosexual.

Every man should go out and pamper themselves a little once in awhile. That does not mean to just take a shower and brush your teeth. Get that beard trimmed and that hair styled. You are not a caveman, we passed that era. Don't be a hairy me no woman wants that. 

Experts say many women now want their guys to take it off, take it all off – from eyebrow tweezing to the intimate waxing procedure jokingly called a “boyzillian” or “bro-zillian.” There was a time, not all that long ago, when the well-groomed man kept his hair cut short and his beard trimmed. Maybe, if he was really dapper, he got his nails buffed, too.

That’s not enough anymore for some, and an increasing number now regularly go to get “manscaped,” i.e. pruned, waxed, plucked, threaded and shaved from head to toe.
So, there you go that is the expert advice on being a well-groomed man. Once you do all that you will look debonair.
Much better now. We'll take about that ear hair later.

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