Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Countessa Violetta Deadmore

Countessa Violetta Deadmore

One of the distant cousins of the Deadmore family. It is said that Violetta likes to serve bats to her guests without them knowing it. Violetta's only companion is her pup Lilaack who obediently follows her around. Her father the great Count Gunther Deadmore still haunts the estate in the dark black forest where Violetta resides.  If you are lucky to be invited to one of the lavish balls do not eat anything, I would even advise against the drinks as well...her late father did and we know what happened to him. Recently the Countessa has made contact with her cousins the Deadmores at Death Row Designs just in time for the Halloween Family Reunion. Will she succeed? Will they let her enter the family? We shall see!

You can go and look at all the entries for the "Join the Family" Contest held by DRD here in their Flickr Group. Select your favorite entry...

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