Saturday, October 26, 2019

Selenopolis, a German idea

"polis is a Greek word for a city or city-state. seleno- is a prefix usually meaning 'moon'. so I would take selenopolis to be a word for a city built on the Moon or a city connected with the Moon in some way. Selenopolis is a real place, in Germany."
L√ľneburg also called Lunenburg in English, is a town in the German state of Lower Saxony. Show map of Lower Saxony. The site of the discovery at Ochtmissen was probably a Neanderthal hunting location where in the Latin texts L√ľneburg surfaces not only as of the Latinised Lunaburgum but also as Selenopolis.

Krafft Arnold Ehricke (March 24, 1917 – December 11, 1984) was a German rocket-propulsion engineer and advocate for space colonization. Krafft Ehricke undertook a major, multi-decade study of the industrial development of the Moon, which he described as Earth's "seventh continent." His lunar industrialization concept was based on the most advanced technologies, such as nuclear-powered freight transporters, and using fusion energy to power his city, Selenopolis, on the Moon.

Ehricke received a space burial on April 21, 1997, when a rocket sent a small amount of his cremated remains into Earth orbit. So don't be surprised if we all breathe in a little German.

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