Friday, March 27, 2020

Pig in a poke

Sometimes you have to exercise your insanity, to really make it strong.~Flula

As someone with PTSD and anxietyI know that after a few days of not interacting with other humans beyond people the grocery store checkout, it can make both conditions worse. It’s not that I want to go out and socialize (quite the opposite, actually), but I’ve found that spending long periods of time alone can cause my anxiety and PTSD to spiral. This is something I can absolutely see happening during a period of home isolation or quarantine as well. I do wonder about how all of this will end and affect people in the long run. Can we all get back to normal? Then again what is normal. Isolation for me is normal and most of the time friends do not understand that I stay away from social interactions because they always end up devasting to me and break my emotions three-fold.

Fascinating to see in Second Life that people have not changed at all. They still are the same old assholes as always. A leopard can't or doesn't change its spots. It just doesn't happen. Even with a crisis like this, they remain the same. I am always careful not to rely on something that I may not get or that may not happen. Lessons you learn as life goes on.

I remember a dear friend I met in Second Life and stayed in contact for many many years, but not only did I get harassed twice by two of his wives on several occasions it makes me wonder what is so wrong with that person to pick women who abuse him. The latest wife he found in Second Life who I know abuses him physically. She thinks she is the queen of it all, ugly in many ways, I have seen pics he sent, although he said he was happy. I hope he finds peace and gets help to get away from this maniac. Be careful who you meet out there in Second Life, they may sound nice but they may be the next killer. Look before you leap!!!

I am not saying that are only bad people out there. People are born to be good, but it is the choices they make are bad. You know what is right and you know what is bad. Act accordingly! So, here is what I tell that ugly wife of his: You are full of crap. You know nothing about me, only what he told you and that may be a lie. So stuff it and go back home. You are just a pig in a poke.

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