Saturday, January 16, 2021

Mentally Obese

Oh, it is not hard to become mentally obese. Just like being obese comes from eating all that food you know you shouldn't stuff your mouth with. When you are mentally obese it is a result of getting an overload of news and unhealthy information fed through the digital tools we all have and love.

Watching hours of TicToc or YouTube or getting news from Twitter and Facebook are as unhealthy as eating not just one slice of cake but the entire cake. Our distracted and mindless behavior — choking is only the most obvious culprit of many — takes us away from doing what we want to be doing. All our normal excuses miss the point. It’s not the lack of time, or the terrible boss, or the annoying friends, or the student loan debt.

A healthy digital lifestyle is about finding a balance between information consumption and reflection, which allows the information to move to a higher level of thinking.

Can you find the level of higher thinking in Second Life, a virtual world that relies on digital tools to be able to log in and escape from the reality? Yes!

You know what the doctor says that everything in moderation can be a good thing. When I first logged into Second Life, I became immediately drawn to wanting to see and learn everything that SL had to offer. That is an unrealistic goal because you cannot learn how to master a specific thing in a few hours. Can you become mentally obese in SL? Yes of course you can. It is all about choices. What I have learned in the many years I have been here that creativity never ends. With creativity, I can cleanse my brain from the mental garbage that social media feeds us. 

You have to smell the flowers and sort it all out. Break yourself free from the "choking position" of the 21st century, which is looking at your phone on average every 30 seconds. In Second Life you may need to use other skills, like mathematics in order to create something out of one prim. Even if you create it in Blender and bring the mesh item into second life it still requires a mathematical calculation. If you compare that to your phone and the media you get your entertainment with it is a much higher functioning skill. On a phone, you tap, scroll, scroll, tap, and so on. In Second life you measure, calculate and your creation comes to life.

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