Sunday, July 18, 2021

I'm still haunted by the memories

When I say haunted it does not mean bad, I love hauntings in a way. This is one of the reasons I love to re-read my blog because I find fond memories of people and places here in Second Life.

The photographs I take capture the moments of my different moods and emotions. I know people say to forget about the past and move on, but I believe differently. I believe the past is a valuable tool to remind us that even in Second Life we are still human.

I have been here almost 10 years in Second Life and learned a lot. Moments may last a few seconds or minutes but the memories last a lifetime. People who know me in real life hear me often speak about Second Life with a smile on my face. 

I used photographs taken in Second Life on my google slides and presentations. All these memories are good and keep me going.

Wind of the summer afternoon,
Hush, for my heart, is out of tune!
Hush, for thou movest restlessly
The too light sleeper, Memory!
Whate'er thou hast to tell me, yet
'Twere something sweeter to forget,—
Sweeter than all thy breath of balm
An hour of unremembering calm! 
by Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts

I can spend a Sunday afternoon with friends doing nothing other than reminiscing 
about the past or talk about the people we know. (I think it is gossiping?) Thinking of childhoods past and lovers went and yet the sun shines bright or the stars twinkle just the same here in this world of awe.

Time stands still when you dream
You fly over rivers it may seem.
So each night take the time
To dream and fly mountain's climb.

Never regret the time that's gone
It never comes back to anyone.
Look forward to the hours you share
With friends and family everywhere. by Anjelikka

So, keep the hauntings coming because I love to re-dream the good dreams while spending a boring Sunday afternoon that now is turned into a memory to cherish on a cloudy day. Add some music to set the mood and you really have something special.

I really don't have any time for bad feelings anymore and as I get older I understand that even more. Stay calm and enjoy the moments you have and make them good ones that you can remember later when you need them the most. Put the light into your heart
keep your soul clean from sour tart, that may mess up your mind don't ever stop from being kind. The truth is life, a battle you win when you fight for what you believe in. Be honest to yourself and even your foe then the enchantment of life will grow.

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