Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Why I am attracted to aliens?


I truly believe it is the mysterious unknown of the aliens that I want to understand more closely that attracts me to them. Has it always been like this? In a way it has.

I see the relationship between humanity and humans as a romantic love story that I would be part of if that was about to happen. Who knows perhaps it is already happening. Whether you believe in aliens or not they most definitely are around in Second Life. I must give some credit to Grum (I relentlessly called him an alien until he told me to stop years later), who totally showed me the SCI-FI possibilities here in SL and I like the idea of exploring places in Second Life that are somewhat based on those themes. 

Perhaps that is what attracts me to all of this even more because here I can actually meet an alien or shop for clothing that comes from different worlds.

All of this alien news raises a lot of questions. Have aliens visited Earth before? How much does the government know, and what is it keeping from us? Are the aliens friendly, or are they coming to harvest all of our spleens for rocket fuel? And most importantly: Are they hot? Just some silly questions that go through my mind when I cannot sleep or when I wander around Second Life in search of aliens.

I could even go into more details about aliens like how would we kiss? Is kissing even hot to them, or are they all about — I don’t know — pressing foreheads together, or docking belly buttons? Also, what if a hot alien and I try to kiss, and they start sucking on my elbow and I’m like, Oh, uh, that’s not it, and they get really embarrassed and are like, Haha, yeah, I know, I was just kidding, and then we kiss normally, mouth tentacle–to–mouth, but we can never get the spark back? Oops, I got totally off subject here, lol.

What if I fall in love with this one hot alien, and everything is going great, but then we throw a dinner party and the hot alien’s other hot alien friend shows up, and I also fall in love with them, and then I don’t know whether I should listen to my heart and run off with this second hot alien, or stay and honor the beautiful life I built with the first alien?

What then? I need serious help here! Anyone?

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