Saturday, July 31, 2021

80Days -Jambo2.0.

The zebra is a beautiful beast
He has stripes that go from west to east.
Or is it east to west? , I don’t know
But I like the way they seem to flow.
It’s camouflage, one of the best
It keeps the lions from their quest.
Stripes, a result of natural selection
By the zebra trying to attain perfection.
Must be a small relation to the horse.
Of course the horse, the horse of course.

These beautiful zebras can be visited at 80Days -Jambo2.0. These are not the only animals you can see and enjoy here. There are many many more including a village. For the photographer in you, it is a must-see.

"Return to the cradle of mankind and explore once again its gorgeous nature and wildlife, either by foot or on elephant back. Watch a herd of zebras caring for their foals and the majestic lion playing with his cubs. Visit the small fishing village near the coral reef and dare a boat trip among crocodiles and hippos. But no matter what you do, don't forget to bring your camera with you!"

This is the advantage to Second Life, regardless of what virus is coming our way, we can travel endlessly without the worry of a passport that shows who we are or what we have. Here is Second Life we are all "residents".
I like that.

Happy Travels!!!

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