Monday, August 2, 2021

Triumph or defeat is called life

I am in front of the Purple Pearl which will be the main focus of the upcoming hunt at the Retreat. Come check it out.

Life has meaning only in the struggle. Triumph or defeat is called life. So let us celebrate the struggle!

I am not here in Second Life to hook up with anybody. I have had people come and go and some endings of these relations have been struggles, but it is ok. Don't go through life, grow through life, whether that is real life or second life. It is all connected. I am not here to show off the best fashions, have the most followers on Flickr, or the most popular Club in Second Life. I am here for ME. That may sound selfish to some people, but I was told people and things cannot make me happy and that is true. Be a little selfish and love love love yourself in a world of critics and haters.

I wrote this poem some years back as part of a poetry book called The Enchantment of Life by Angel and Fisherman.

The enchantment of life must be real
nothing but truth to feel.
Then you will enjoy each quest
and live your life to the very best.
Some people cheat and lie
spread rumors that quickly fly.
They use you to get somewhere
but false glory will lose its glare.
Others are who they are not
they talk around the truth' knot.
With evil eyes and satan's ears
they sword with a painful pierce.
If you told the truth each day
sooner or later it will pay.

Want some tea?

Good will prevail in the end for sure
because liars will ill without a cure.
Look at rainbows, look at the snow
pure like angels the truth will glow.
Be the one who speaks it well
and you will not catch the spell.
Smile with joy, smile and be gay
if you tell the truth, evil will go away.
Perhaps not right away and now
but the reward will come, I told you how.
Put the light into your heart
keep your soul clean from sour tart,
that may mess up your mind
don't ever stop from being kind.
The truth is life, a battle you win
when you fight for what you believe in.
Be honest to yourself and even your foe
then the enchantment of life will grow.

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