Friday, August 13, 2021


Pirates were seamen who had tired of the harsh conditions onboard naval and merchant's vessels. The conditions on those ships were truly inhuman, and piracy, which was more egalitarian, appealed to them greatly. Women were rare to be pirates, although there were a few. For the most part, these sailors thought it was bad luck to bring a woman on board.

Good thing we do not have to worry about this here in Second Life and the pirates you will find are friendly. I love the idea that when I make a theme in Second Life I go out and research it. A great way to learn about history or any subject you like. Last year I learned so much about the D.B. Cooper mystery, it was fascinating. This year I am learning a little more about pirates.

Did you know: Pirates or the ones they captured did not walk the plank, they were tied up and thrown overboard. Shiver me timbers!!!

I am excited to batten down the hatches and present my very own "The Pirates of Monte Likka Hunt" the search for the purple pearl. So be a matey and shout out to ye hearties about this loot coming up. 

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