Tuesday, August 3, 2021

No more Gachas?

I am saddened by the idea that Gacha Machines are going to be gone. I love places like the Arcade who had gacha machines with many vendors from around the world to offer some unique items. I know there are some people who welcome this and say woohoo finally, I hate to see them go.

Isn't life a gamble? Whether in Second Life or Real Life it is all a gamble from where you get your goods. They are either good or not. Yet Second Life lets child avatars into SL. I have seen those children's avatars in Clubs and in adult sims and that is OK? I understand there are adults behind those avatars, but what kind of sicko would make a child avatar in the first place?

Then there are the names in Second Life, some are pretty sick. Why are those allowed?  As much as I love Second Life for the creativity some guidelines should be set about names and child avatars.

I am taking all my marketplace gachas out and sell them weekly for cheap. This way I get the profit for the 25L item and not half of it going to Linden Lab.
I will add new ones every day, most start at 25L...Stop by today;

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