Sunday, September 12, 2021

Qualify me for this dream

It is beginning to look like Autumn all over the Retreat, and don't forget to watch the trailer for the upcoming hunt of the Prates of Monte Likka.

And all the things that I have seen qualify me for a part in your dreams. And though I'd like to tell you exactly how I feel. Somehow the music hides it and conceals it. Some say I got devil, some say I'm an angel. I am just someone in trouble, I don't think I'm in danger. As autumn leaves fall to the ground, so will the memories fly in the wind and the rain will hide the tears. These tears are not for you, they never were, they are for me.

I love autumn and all the colors. It is my favorite time of the year and yes the Retreat is ready to qualify for this dream. The annual hunt will start on October 1 and it will be very cool in my opinion. I hope you come on over and check it out. It is all best viewed in "night" mode windlight. Turn your sounds up so you can hear all the eery noises.

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