Saturday, September 4, 2021

The manipulative narcissist online

You might stereotype a narcissist’s behavior online as simply vain or self-absorbed. Yet the image of the selfie-taking narcissist does not cut it when it comes to how a narcissist truly behaves online. People share pictures of themselves online for various reasons; special occasions, meeting a new fitness goal or capturing a confident moment. Real narcissists aren’t the ones taking selfies – they are often the ones bullying, harassing, and stalking others in cyberspace.

For a narcissist online or in real life, it’s all about micromanaging and controlling others. Policing what others post, however innocuous those posts may be, and shaming them for it is one popular way narcissists get their sadistic “fix” online. Then there are the trolls who enjoy bullying and harassing, but there are also those who you think are great people and then turn out to be complete bullies. Those are the ones you have to watch out for. A NARC is charming in many ways, he will say what you want to hear. He will do what you like to see.

Once they have your trust and you shared fears and dreams with them, they will use that against you when they are ready to strike. For them, it is all a joke and they will shame you into believing that you are just over sensitive or can't take a joke.

Narcissists also don’t take “no” for an answer – to them, boundaries do not exist and do not need to be honored. They believe exploitation is a reasonable way to get their needs met. It is all a game to them and when they are done playing with you because you suddenly see the light at the end of the tunnel, they move on to the next victim. There are plenty of women who will listen to these fools and think they can fix them. Trust me, ladies, you will not change a person like that. They will play with you and when they have enough or find a better toy you will be thrown out just like the rest of us who have tried.

And yes, it is not always men who are the bullies, there are plenty of women out there who manipulate and stalk men. 

Manipulative narcissists are covert-aggressors. They use various, subtle tactics to charm, disarm, and otherwise take advantage.

They play on your emotions. Moreover, many find the game of getting the better of you amusing and satisfying. In short, they enjoy toying with you. Manipulative narcissists lack empathy. They don't care how you feel or how you're impacted by their behavior. All they care about is having their way with you. It feeds their already inflated ego to do so. To them, successfully manipulating you attests to their superiority.

Be strong and look carefully at the ingredients of the people you meet online and in real life, just like you would look at a menu...find out what is in it before you indulge.

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