Sunday, September 26, 2021

Buam & Madln

I am often asked by my fellow Second Lifers that I must be excited about Oktoberfest and since I am German I must love beer. I can tell you already the answer is no for both of those questions.

Oktoberfest originated in Munich in the State of Bavaria. (I come from Hesse=Hessen) Just like the United States, Germany has several States and regions and each has its own traditions and festivals. Since many German immigrants brought some of these traditions to the USA, they of course brought the Oktoberfest with them. 

The Festival has become more popular in other regions of Germany as well, because who would turn down a chance to celebrate some Gemütlichkeit (a German word I use most often because I feel it applies to Oktoberfest more than any other word or phrase. Gemütlichkeit is the general feeling of coziness; the happy feeling you get when you’re surrounded by friends and loved ones, with a massive beer in your hand, shaking your booty to some sweet polka jams.) 

Second Life loves the Oktoberfest as well and many places decorate and wear the traditional Lederhosen for the Buam (boys=men)  and the Dirndl for the Madln (girls=women).

Here is another fun German word: A Zechpreller is someone who patrons a restaurant and/or bar, consumes food and/or drink, and leaves without paying. In America we call that person a… well, just use your imagination here. Regardless, you probably have a name for such behavior where you live as well because, as it turns out, jerks are universal. Now I better never, EVER hear of you being a Zechpreller at Oktoberfest, ya dig? 

And if you witness this kind of behavior yourself, be sure to call him/her out using the proper German term.

Oans, zwoa, g’suffa! Oh, I forgot I do not even drink beer, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy it. Just ask Draxter Depres for some of those Bavarian Traditions, he has some hands-on knowledge. I doubt he likes beer, because of not all German drink beer or alcohol. I do like Eierlikör, but that is for another holiday.

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