Friday, October 1, 2021

Halloween Shop and Hop (backdrop)

Besides the great deals at the Halloween shop and hop and the free gifts, I discovered the amazing decor all around that can be used as a backdrop for your Halloween pictures.

I mean seriously, the design team of the Lindens have done a great job with all of this, right? With little effort in changing the windlight settings, you can get some spooky pictures for your Halloween holiday cards or art gallery.

Oh, you don't have photoshop? No problem at all, you do not need to pay any real dollars on the editing software because I edited these pictures with "Picasa 3", which you can download free. It basically just adds some filters to your pictures and best of all you can see all your pictures at once. ( Perfect for not just Second Life pictures which I have millions of, but also your real-life pictures.)

Now, get up and do something creative and use the free backdrops and the free editing software and become of us: The Second Life Photographer.

Once you have your creations upload them to flickr and add them to the Second Life: Halloween Flickr Group., or on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whichever social media platform you use. You are now an artist and you will get better and better at creating something your friends will admire.

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