Wednesday, October 6, 2021

I wonder what goes on night and day beneath the surface of a cemetery.

If you love cemeteries as much as I do, you want to come and visit the Retreat cemetery here in Second Life. This part of the Retreat has been around for several years now and it is located right next to the chapel. 

Some SLers have used this particular cemetery for their backdrop for pictures and it is totally open for anyone to use.

"When you're dead, you are just a stone above." Nobody really cares what you looked like, we all end up the same way. 

As a child in Germany, I lived across the cemetery and I often went there to play. I know that sounds creepy, but it was fascinating and very quiet there.

You will find this spot year-round and not just during the Halloween season.

"The only people without problems live in the cemetery."

Right now the place is decorated for Halloween and you may see a ghost or two wandering around there. The "Pirates of Monte Likka Hunt" will also bring you to the cemetery or at least into the chapel for a little hint here. You still have to search for the purple pearls all around. 

I like to hang out here often because I feel the same serene peace as in real life. This reminds me: live now and make your dreams come true. The most buried treasures lie in the cemetery. There lies buried the dreams that never came true, the goals that were never reached, the inventions that were never created, and the books that were never written. Don't be a buried treasure.

Come visit today!!!
I will leave a spot open for just you :)

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