Saturday, October 2, 2021

I feel FREE, finally :)


Sometimes you hang on to someone for years and forget that this certain someone does not even care about you the way you care about them. You convinced yourself that he/she will change and also fall in love with you. Let me tell you something, it is not gonna happen if they linger and do not express their feelings towards you and they make you believe that everything that could possibly go wrong in a relationship is your fault. You know that type, right? If not, sooner or later you will experience it too, unless you are the luckiest person and find the soulmate who respects you.

You don't know how liberated it feels when you all of a sudden have seen the light and you are done, because the coward means nothing to you now and you can remind yourself that the person who has him/her has used merchandise that was returned. You also lost that jealous feeling of why them and not you. I am telling you, it feels so good that they are gone and someone else's problem. 
This leaves me to find someone new that I can occupy my time with. Here at the Basement Club people come and go and so many interesting characters stop by. I love this about the Basement, the best thing I ever created, and yes the music is nothing but unique and different just like us.

Don't forget right now the "Pirates of Monte Likka Hunt" is happening at the Retreat and Basement Club. Find the purple pearls and get some free gifts, plus the place is a wonderful spot for pictures.

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