Friday, December 19, 2014

Tour of Lights: Stop 4 through 7

Stop 4 : Commune Utopia Hippie Bohemian freedom Community Village

If you like the Hippie Lifestyle, this place is for you. Santa welcomes you right here on the beach. It is worth a visit. Here is the sleigh :)

Stop 5 : Maven estate @ Full Trottle
This lovely place is above the trees. So sit back and relax for a moment while taking in the scenery.

Fly on by here

Stop 6: Elves' Playground

There is so much to see here, make sure you take your time. Fun for the whole family and you don't have to be an elf here.

Here is the sleigh to the Elves

Stop 7 : Home at Stagg

Cozy and warm and nicely decorated private home. 

Here is the sleigh ride to see it :)
Enjoy....stay tuned for more stops

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