Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tour of Lights : Stops 26 through 33

Ok, so here we go the last few stops...enjoy :)
If I got any names wrong or maybe the picture out of order, forgive me. I crashed about 20 times during the tour...I tried to keep things in order.

Stop 26 : Cupcakes Home Sweet Home

And here is the RIDE

Stop 27 : The Islands of Coral Reef

Frozen has taken over, go see it 

Stop 28: Pan's Tropical Refuge

A lovely waterfront home with beautiful changing lights.

Here is the sleigh

Stop 29 : New Beginnings

Be extra quiet when you go see this home, the baby is sleeping !

Here we go :)

Stop 30 : A Winter Wonderland by Harlequin Fhang

Indeed it is. Lovely!

Take this link to get there :)

Stop 31 : New Calenemyn, Ama Zingg

A cute lighthouse greets you here.

Here is the way 

Stop 32 : Cortez & Nephelle Home

And here is the link

Stop 33 : Sanctuary

This is the last stop in the tour and I crashed, but got one last snapshot

Last stop

Hope you have a lot of fun as I did.

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