Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tour of Lights : Stop 11 through 15

Stop 11: Jasmine's Hobbit House

Come and fly right over

Stop 12: The Retreat

I am so proud to have the Retreat be part of it. I hope others enjoy it as well. Lots of free goodies here.

Come on over 

Stop 13: Mumford Cove

 Lovely Home

Stop 14 : Kittens Heaven

If you love cats, you will fall in love with these cuties all over. I just wanted to play with all of them.
The house is elegantly decorated

Stop 15: Winterfell

Snow, snow, snow....Baby it's cold outside but inside is a warm fireplace and you can get some yummy hot chocolate...ooooh so good.

Warm up at the fireplace here :)

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