Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tour of Lights: Stop 1 , 2 and 3

It is official the Tour of Lights have begun. 

Happy Holidays!
Bundle up and grab a thermos of hot chocolate, it’s time for the SL Tour of Lights! This free tour will take you to some of Second Life’s most decorated Holiday-Themed residential homes, with over 30 beautiful houses and landscapes to explore! The tour runs December 18 – 21, and starts at the [ free bird ] main sim:
Stop 1 : It's Winter, Ya Filthy Animal!
This is a beautiful winter scene. Plenty of space to walk around. 

Dress warm or bring someone along to keep you warm. Cute cuddle places here to warm up.

Here is your Sleigh to get to this wonderful place :)

Stop 2: The Estate of Llangibby
Do you want to build a snowman? Does that phrase sound familiar? Yes, it is right out of Frozen and this is what you will find here at the magical estate. You will see Anna, Elsa and the rest of the gang.

This Tree is so beautiful, you will love it for sure :)
Why not check it out right is the sleigh :)

Stop 3 :The Foxglove Cottage
A cozy place surrounded by a serene forest. Lots of wonderful details inside the cottage. We took the liberty and stayed here for awhile. You can hear the song "Silent Night" in peaceful.

I hope I did not leave any snow on the sofa. Go take this sleigh to the cottage :)
Stay tuned for the next set of stops :)

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