Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tour of Lights : Stops 21 through 25

Stop 21 :Vila Buena Vista

A large Winter Wonderland Estate.

Your sleigh is here

Stop 22: 911 Memorial

A time to remember and never forget.

This is open all year round, so come and visit often :)

Stop 23: Old Porte

Such a cute place. All the lights in the cold snow just warm you up. Don't forget to say a few prayers in the church.

Here is your sleigh for this beauty :)

Stop 24 : Heaven's Gift II

Oh my, if you want to see the statue in real view, you will have to come and visit this place. I had to keep it a bit clean and covered a certain part some more.

Come and see the statue :)

Stop 25: External XTC

A very colorful scene here. The bright trees look lovely and brighten the dark night sky.

Go check it out today :)

We getting closer to the end of the tour...the last stops in the next session.

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