Saturday, August 19, 2017

I like it when you smile...

... but I love it when I am the reason.

There is this certain feeling at times that brings us back to the first time we started being together and how people somehow wanted our relationship to break up. It is that Schadenfreude that so many enjoy and we all have been there in one way or another because it is part of Human Nature.

Taking pleasure in someone else’s pain – no matter how subconsciously we do it, isn’t something you’re meant to admit to. Yet it’s become an endemic part of human nature. Social media sites wouldn’t exist if we didn’t feel constantly compelled to mark our achievements – professional and personal – against other people’s. And if you set the bar for your own success against other people’s achievements then it stands to reason that you measure your failures against theirs.
I hate to disappoint all of you on that because we are stronger than ever together. We do not listen to village gossip.

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