Friday, August 4, 2017

"The sweetest nectar is within!"

The sweet little bird of joy, ever so dainty and beautiful, the hummingbird symbolizes great courage, determination, flexibility, and adaptability. The little beauty is only a few ounces in weight, yet it has the courage of a lion. Yes, the sweetest nectar is within and for those lucky ones who get to really know me will see the nectar and the courage.
My message here is to have courage because we all have the strength within us. Do not give up! It reminds me of the poems "Enchantment of life" me and my friend "fisherman" have written way back and they still stand.

5.         Hypocrites

Take the time to roll the dice,
add some flavor as well as spice,
to the work you look now upon,
just be real, and not a con.

You can win this game right now,
if you can only figure out how.
To do that you need to glance,
rhyme with reason and take a chance.

There will always be those ungrateful sows,
who may act like big fat cows,
but to be fair you must overlook,
shortcomings in life that they never shook.

It is their own low self esteem,
that kills any kind of hopeful dream.
Because they are not happy deep inside,
they look to steal away other's pride.

To be successful you must move past,
the sick repulsive behavior they do blast.
Look within to stand on your own,
with perseverance use every muscle and bone.

This is not easy, but very hard,
to yourself be on your own guard.
Make sure you fall not from grace,
living by God's word please do embrace.

It is he we need to follow,
that our hearts will not be shallow.
Therefore we must turn the other cheek,
which will make us strong, not weak.

Those who throw the sticks and stones,
ream INSECURITY with sick dreadful undertones.
The Winners in life will be God's elite,
who  from others withstood satin's verbal heat!

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