Friday, August 18, 2017

We flocked around....

Candi, Dev, Dani and Anj
I guess Dani did not understand the saying: "Don 't flock with the Flamingos", and was ready to take one home with her.
I want to thank the Rhodes-Lescher family for stopping by the Retreat and hunting down the blue Flamingo. Nazil was very fast indeed. :) 

Special thanks to Kylie and Mickey who went exploring. DJ Dandy and Miss Deb for their kind visit. Candi always as sexy as can be made it so much more fun. Dev and Dani you two are a ton of fun to have around. And last but never least a big thanks to Greg who puts up with all my crazy ideas like this one for putting out 148 flamingos all over the yard.
The Rhodes-Lescher Family

Kylie and Mickey found the blue flamingo

It was such great fun and we will most definitely have more events coming up here at the Retreat. Fall is around the corner and all the trees will be transformed which is a beautiful sight to see and such a great photo opportunity.

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