Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Basement Club!!!

Sure there are thousands of clubs all over Second Life for every genre of music you can imagine. Some Clubs have been out there for a long time and some are new and some are well just there. All is fine and dandy and yes talking about dandy we have our own DJ Dandy here at the Basement Club.

He does a few other things besides DJing and we welcome that here at the Basement Club. You have a talent? Stop by and show us.

Just don't all come at once, this is a small club. What we have to offer, is fun and only the best people in second life will come here, who can tell the difference of quality than quantity. 
Stop by anytime regardless on the weekend...DJ Dandy is here on Saturdays and he always plays eclectic sounds from all over and never disappoints. DJ Likka on Sunday nights will have a style that includes 80s new wave and also alternative/indie and different themes once a month which includes blues, jazz, and romance.  
And yeah the great DJ Riker is coming back as well.

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