Friday, November 10, 2017

The Retreat...the new features.

There are some new features here at the Retreat and if you have not stopped by yet, you must come and enjoy this pearl. 

The Retreat started in 2012 with a parcel that was 2048sqm. It has grown to almost half a sim now.

Located on Route 12, it is a calm and relaxing place with lush gardens, picture opportunities, chapel, dance club, gallery, gacha store and rentals. Most important it is open to the public.
Our newest section is the Retreat Mountain and the Rental we have on the west side of Route 12.

This is the new rental on the west side. A fully furnished and landscaped home. Only L$250 per week plus you get 100 prims to add your own things. The seasons here change Dec-Feb is Winter, Mar-May is Spring, June-Aug is Summer, and Sep-Nov is Fall. You will love it because there is no other place where you can live this cheap with such beauty. Sure you can find 60L$ boxes with 20 prims, but why not live in style?
Stop by today and take a look at this beauty :) It will not last very long.

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