Sunday, November 26, 2017

Men are simple creatures

Who wouldn't want a man at their feet? Of course, we do. Men are simple creatures.
Here are some simple rules. Make him feel like the man. There is no need for long-planned discussions. For the most part, he may only hear about 50% of it. So, if you gonna plan, make sure he hears the important stuff. If you want something, then ask him never demand and important here is also the timing. Do not ask him when he is watching football. He will not hear anything.

Remember to tell him he is the best because he is. Tell him! Don’t ask anyone to do what you’re not willing to do.

You gotta cook for him...cook, it even if you do not like meat. Grill him that steak. He will thank you later and it all pays off. Leave all the nagging behind. Number one reason men leave women is that they nag over things a hundred times.

Be thankful, always for the things he gives and says. It is very simple. I think kindness right in the beginning will go along way. Treat with kindness if you want kindness back...same goes for love.
And then SMILE...always kiss and smile when you part. Never be angry, it gives you wrinkles...instead be his angel :)

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