Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Major Outage? Now what?

"We are continuing to work on the Second Life networks. Logins have been temporarily disabled. Second Life websites have been restored." reported by SL Grid Status.
So this happened Monday, May 13, 2019, and poof we all were logged out of SL. I saw the posts on FB and Twitter asking: "Is SL offline, can anyone get one?" 

This makes me wonder about people and why they get so upset when they cannot log on. I suppose it is a certain addiction we all have who use this platform to communicate with others. Some of us need the creative part of this as well. Think of the horrors of all the facebook uses who suddenly cannot log on and reach the world. Tragic isn't it? We have surrounded us with virtual everything and when that breaks down we are lost and cannot function.

Woohoo, lucky for us:
"The maintenance has been completed and services have been restored."
...and if you cannot go online, go outside and smell the flowers.

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