Saturday, May 4, 2019

Funny German need to know :)

Du Bist das Gelbe vom Ei: I think everyone's favorite part of the egg is the yolk. It is no surprise then that the literal translation, “you are the yellow of the egg” means “you are all I’m looking for” in English.Hüftgold: Literally translating to “hip gold,” "Hüftgold" are love handles or a muffin top in English. So for those of you lucky to have a bit of weight on your hips, you have struck gold! 
Kopfkino: This one can cause us a bit of stress. Literally “head cinema,” "Kopfkino" is the act of playing out an entire scenario in your mind. Who else loves the logical reasoning of words in German? Of course, some shows in the "kino" are good and exciting and filled with fantasy, know what I mean?

Jetzt geht's um die Wurst: Literally translating to “now it’s about the sausage,” the English equivalent would be “all or nothing.” You know the Germans are serious when it’s about a sausage!

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