Saturday, November 14, 2020

Oh! What a freezing cold winter morning

Everything is white.. everything looks frozen
I find myself in a state of mourning...
Not a single soul, complete silent.. unspoken.

The grave silent winter’s day today
On this chilly winter morning...
The memory of you is within me every day...
This frosty winter morning, it's you, whom I am longing.

The winter skies are clear and bright...
The chilly breeze touches my skin.
Your handsome grin will be such a delight.
If you shall lay next to my skin to skin.

The Last winter we were together
In front of that fireplace. We cuddled each other
Throwing snowballs like we were teenagers
In this world, only you and I lived together.

How I wish on this winter’s day.
That your love for me will never die...
I have faced the sun on the summer’s day
The emptiness on this winter? I can never lie.

Every year I decorate the Retreat for Winter. I love this time of year, but it does feel cold. I hope you all come and enjoy the Winter Season at the Retreat.

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