Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Another Basement?

That is correct. The Mumbling Goat Basement is a nice hangout for live musicians in Second Life. It is a cozy place and the performances are super cool.

You want to go and see Oblee and listen to his songs and a variety of covers. It is a one-man band and never disappoints you. Oblee is a regular performer here at this Basement as well as the annual Second Live Birthday celebrations.

You could wear all white.
With so many real live shows canceled last year and this year, it is nice to catch a virtual live show in Second Life. 

You feel a certain connection to the artist as well as the people around you. You are all experiencing the same thing at the same moment no matter where you are located at. That is the best part, right? 
Stuck at home and in your PJs? No problem with second life performances, because here your avatar can wear the finest or the most outrageous clothes you can imagine. You do not get that in Real Life without having someone look at you all crossed-eyed. 

Next time you are looking for something to do, why not check it out and catch a live performance, even better if it is Oblee. The variety in Second Life is large and you can find any type of music you desire.

Just imagine how lucky we are who have found Second Life and participate in what it can offer. 

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