Monday, March 1, 2021

Spent the day in bed... ever have those days when you stay in bed and it feels amazing?

I spent the day in bed, it's a consolation. When all my dreams are perfectly legal in sheets for which I paid, I am now laid and I recommend to all of my friends that they...~Morrissey

As I was there in bed and fell asleep I drifted off into Second Life. I really don't mind that at all, because I get some great ideas when I dream about SL and I am there making some adjustments to the Retreat. I have read in some forum that Second Life addicts dream of it, but I am not an addict. I am an artist. I am sure you don't call an artist who creates new pictures all the time and dreams about it an addict, right?

There are benefits of lucid dreaming because studies show that people have less anxiety if they dream and are aware of it because they can shape the ending to anything they like. Some people taking part in lucid dream studies were able to come up with new ideas or insights, sometimes with the help of characters in their dreams. There you go, it is justified. to stay in bed and dream about it.

~Stop watching the news because the news contrives to frighten you to make you feel small and alone to make you feel that your mind isn't your own~

I think I rather dream about Second Life than the constant reminders in the news that the world is corrupt. Life is still good and there are more good people than bad people. So let me dream while I am in bed. 
Have a great day and dream well :)

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