Monday, March 8, 2021

I'm the hero that saves me

Hey, at least in my mind I'm feelin' like I'm the hero that saves me. There, I hold my head high, get everything right. Delusional? maybe. If I'm pretending, why not write happy endings where I'm better than we both know I could be. Still, at least in my mind, I'm feelin' like I'm the hero that saves me.

Tell me what I should have said and I'll pretend to know that
things come out of my mouth that I should probably learn to hold back
Why do I expect to have the patience that I don't have?
Over and over, expecting a different result. 

It is easier to log into Second Life and pretend I am ok for now because I am.

Hope you all can stop by the Basement Club for some fun music and exceptional people. Well, most are anyway.
M-F DJs starting at 6 PM SLT...see you there.

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