Sunday, March 7, 2021

“Go wisely and go slowly. Those who rush stumble and fall.”

“There is no darkness but ignorance.”~William Shakespeare 

Being ignorant is you living in darkness. No one likes darkness. Surviving there for too long isn’t easy. Someday you will crave for the light, so why not now. Seek the light (knowledge) and shut out every darkness. Feed your mind with knowledge. Learn new skills and learn from others, that is the great thing in Second Life. Remember that first time you logged into SL and you had no clue how things work or how to navigate? Some people just left and said: Oh this is too hard, I do not have the patience for it. 

Listen to what people have to say, learn their principles, thoughts, and opinions. But always think twice before you speak because, once you’ve spoken, you can’t take your words back. That does not mean you can never say your opinion, it just means some people will not listen and will always bring up the words you spoke.

“Reputation is a bubble that is easily popped.”

Just when you think you’ve gotten yourself on a high horse, you could fall flat on your face. Indeed, it’s great to seek a high reputation and respect. But the smallest mistake can ruin all that. When and if it does happen, know that that’s life for you.

Sometimes I have to run from people who have done me wrong.
“Bad boys can’t be changed.”

Just when you think you’re having a hot and steaming romance, he goes cold on you. Dating a bad boy can give you high blood pressure from thinking too much. For example, in Hamlet, his hot-and-cold behavior drove his girlfriend, Ophelia, insane. She even drowned herself in the river. That might seem a bit too much, but being in love with the wrong person can do just that to you: drive you insane. Therefore, don’t waste your love on someone who doesn’t value it.

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