Friday, June 11, 2021


Like confetti scattered around
in my mind of confusion
exploiting my most intangible
thoughts about life and romance.
I obliterate any vague chance
of knights pursuing my existence,
trying to express fond endearments
in their quest of convincing me
to surrender my delicate heart.

One of my favorite places at the Retreat is the cemetery. I like the quiet and peaceful setting
that reminds me of my German childhood. Many times when my mind is in utter muddle I come here and try to sort things out. What I love about Second Life that you can create an area that can be a spot where you can come to and forget about everything. A complete representation of a physical realm and so much more can be found here. 
Almost 10 years ago when I first logged in with my account I knew that I found a place that is always here when I need it...and it is.

We are so lucky in this age and time to have this form of communication and exploration to a never-finished world and that is forever changing. I do like the idea that some things stay the same in Second Life, like my cemetery. The only thing that changes here is the seasons just like in the real world.

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