Saturday, June 26, 2021

After you’ve taken out the trash, you can devote your time to the people who really care about you.

 I have an ex-friend that I will probably never speak to again — not because I’m a grudge-holder — but because he has shown himself to be unworthy of my friendship. I am not going to put up with a bully in RL and most definitely in SL.

A person like that is most likely a lonely narcissist, who gets his power by pushing people around. I am not gonna let some chimpanzee run the show here. Nope. Oh yes, they never admit they did something wrong and will say it was all a joke. The joke stops here. And the friends of a fool like that who laugh with him when he abuses others are just as guilty.

What I love about SL is that you can just mute them and eject them and ban them. If it only was that easy in RL. To clear his name and fool himself into thinking that he never did anything wrong, he’ll shift all the blame onto you. He’ll come up with the most unreasonable and pathetic excuses so as to make you feel and look responsible for your failed relationship.

He’ll do his best to make you feel guilty for all the problems and difficulties you had in the relationship and take full responsibility for the breakup.

Think about it. Once you have thrown something in the garbage you do not go back and look for it. This feels good.
Free at last.

Nationwide number 1−800−799−SAFE(7233) in case you need help.

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