Friday, June 18, 2021

Randomness stalks us every day of our lives.


Sometimes you have to do something completely random. Of course, being random might not come in handy when you are talking to people and you all of a sudden say: "caterpillar" because that was in your mind at the moment. It may come across as being known as a weirdo. Well, that's ok if people don't understand my random thoughts of things. Not everything has to have its place.

Through my search of places to visit in Second Life, I stumbled upon Cloven Forest. This is a calm and quiet place to maybe help you with your random thoughts if they don't turn themselves off.

It is a magical place for photography of the mystical forest. You will find many spots here to take a few snapshots or better yet dress for the occasion and you have a natural backdrop of random trees and landscaping.

Life is a series of random collisions and when it is all finished you will discover it was never random.

Randomness is the quality of having no apparent order. If you want a really good password that no one can hack, you want a lot of randomness in it — no numbers or words that clearly pertain to your life.

So, be random and visit a new place you have never been to and take some random snapshots. Oh wait, now it is planned and may not is random anymore.

Like I said before: "Caterpillar."

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