Monday, June 17, 2019

But symptoms can go away

Trauma comes in many insidious forms. If not addressed and managed in a nurturing and supportive setting, it can mess up your perspective and your capacity to love and trust. 

If you were traumatized at any time in your life or in earlier relationships, you can be left feeling untrusting and suspicious. If you do happen to accidentally or even somehow purposely repeat patterns that were traumatic, the experience can be disorganizing, disconcerting and alarming. It can make you feel as if you are destined to repeat the dysfunction as if you have no hope for a rewarding, reciprocal, mutually supportive and trusting relationship yourself. 

When trauma occurs, it is crucial to find a safe person and a safe space to process the trauma, to understand its impact on you, and to begin the work of disentangling yourself from its ugly hold. Doing so begins to dilute its power, which in turn can help you work toward not continuing to repeat damaging patterns in your relationships.

There is no cure for PTSD, but symptoms can go away. This will depend on the type and severity you have. PTSD can be managed with ongoing treatment. Without treatment, it can last longer or get worse over time. For me creating art in Second Life as well as in Real Life can be a great distraction from the trauma, but then it also adds to the damage. 

What you should never say:

"Why are you so uptight?"

Feeling edgy or jittery is not a choice for people with PTSD. Even with effective treatment, some people with PTSD still have symptoms, and the symptoms can erupt unexpectedly. If you’re thrown off by the way a person with PTSD reacts to you being in their space or to something you said, give them the benefit of the doubt. “Cut them some slack, give them space, and don’t challenge them on it,” says Nitschke. Instead, he recommends, simply say, “I’m sorry. I didn't mean anything.”

If you suffer from trauma and PTSD please do get some help. Find a trusted friend who will stand by you in the evil dark hours when you dislike everything. Chocolate helps!!!

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