Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Toxic Digital World or is there life out there?

We live in a digital world; just short of being pixelated or virtual ourselves, the things around us continue to get smarter, faster, more connected becoming increasingly more digital. Customer relationships are digital; Business channels are digital; Our conversations are digital, and our social interactions are slowly being affected by this digital world.

It can be like a fallout of toxic rain if you are not careful. In a way, technology has made things easier for us to communicate and get information. There are negatives as well when the digital world has taken over the real-life world but also there are good points. There is life, this is our lives now, we live in this digital world.

~Conversations that now happen through social media and have taken the place of traditional interactions is causing people to leave their houses less and less since they do not need to leave to communicate with others. This can lead to social isolation. Essentially, instead of spending time in person with friends, we just call, text, instant message them or send a 10-second snapchat.~
(well yes but for those who cannot leave the house it is a great way to stay in touch.)

~Some people only lead lives in the virtual world in which they have even gotten married in online video games such as Second Life. Second life is a virtual world where avatars do the kind of stuff that real people do in life, however, some players even choose to get married online via this game.
(yes and no)

~People who suffer from low self-esteem may continue to search for a feeling of worthiness online, paying more attention to their posts with low likes than high ones, because in spite of their need for positive feedback, they have the habit of confirming their negative self-image.~

I feel if that is what makes you happy and it brings you a smile and you feel so much better, why would it be wrong? Instead of finding the negative impact on this, why not turn it around and look for all the good in it. How else would you be able to read this blog? 

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