Tuesday, June 25, 2019

something new is coming

He has such great ideas...I know he just doesn't like my mess.
Grum always has the best ideas. Who would have thought a nifty alien, I mean elf can be soooo smart?  He is the one responsible that the Basement Club is back in the Basement and the Gallery is at the Retreat for everybody to enjoy. 

Something new is coming as well: The outside garden with dancing under the stars is completed. The chapel is going through some renovations. Rather than having weddings here, we will actually have a hang out for future DJ sets as well as other fun activities. The chapel is now called "The Unholy Chapel at the Retreat".

...taking things out and changing the chapel...wow it really is much bigger than I thought...
So stop by and see how the changes happen. Some of the gacha items that were here in the chapel are now available at the Priceless Gacha and treasures store. So go get them before they are gone.

Handy kind of elf to have around...thanks Grum for all your ideas and input :)

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