Thursday, July 18, 2019

Elf und Elf macht zweiundzwanzig!

There are many different kinds of elves I found out researching these alien creatures. There are those that enjoy the water. Sea elf~ These elves are the ones who build large castles and civilizations by the ocean shore. Sea elves are brave souls to face the raging ocean before them. 
Jungle waterfall elf ~ These elves are exotic Elfin creatures that live both in the jungle in tree houses and beautiful homes hidden deep in the trees. They are not wearing much clothing, showing their enchanting beauty, so when mortals see them, they often fall in love with them.
Mountain Waterfall elf~ These elves have built homes on the side of the mountains with waterfalls surrounding them. Lake or Lagoon elf~ This elf is one who likes to tend to the health of the lakes. River elf~ This elf lives inside the mountain or caves in beautiful cave-like dwellings but often comes to the river to bathe and to relax by. Rain elf~ Though we don’t know their name specifically. These elves only come out in the rain. Snow or Ice elf~ These elves live near the Arctic and Antartica circles, Canada, as well as Russia.

I figured it is worth a shot and I asked Grum if he would surf in the ocean with me BUT the answer was no. I guess he is not a water elf then. 

My favorite water elf is "Jungle water elf" because they do not wear many clothes. Who needs clothes anyway!
Or, maybe it is his gray skin that might wash off and it turns out that he is purple underneath? If you have any suggestions about this let me know in the comments below.

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