Saturday, November 2, 2019

All Saints’ Day, and All Soul’s Day, Remembering those who passed.

Rest in Peace. Know you are part of me.
It is important that the memory of those that have died is passed down to future generations so that the heritage of our past can be continued in the lives of our children. Find ways to pass along the stories of deceased loved ones so that the children feel a connection to their past.

Everybody knows the secular holiday of Halloween. But not everybody knows it derives from a holy day, All Saints' Day on Nov. 1, which is followed by All Souls' Day on Nov. 2.
The Celtic nations believed that at certain times of the year the boundaries between the mortal and unearthly realms broke down and this was especially true on Halloween (Samhain), All Saints’ Day, and All Soul’s Day.
What song would you play for me when I am gone?

The ancient Irish believed the dead were repositories of wisdom and lore and that during this blessed period they would return to speak to their descendants. During these visits, the ancestors would bestow two gifts – the ability to remember old days and traditions and to hold a deeper understanding of how we are forever linked to our bloodline.
Although many of these traditions have died out in Ireland similar customs continue around the world. The Mexican traditions surrounding the commemorative day are probably the most widely known. They celebrate the day as “El Dia de Los Muertos” (“The Day of the Dead”). Today they traditionally visit graveyards and have a picnic and leave food out for their dead relatives who are on their journey to heaven.
Who do you think of on the Day of the Dead?

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